Don – Part 4

21 Aug

Four great people choose to help me financially in the last six weeks; so the question remains why did I choose to title this blog Don? What did Don Williams do that deserves such special attention? Well we need to go back three days to the Tuesday just gone by…

I was stuck in a mansion in the Las Vegas country club, holed up with an entrepreneurial media mogul and the creator of an incredible high definition on-line video platform that has the potential to change the world of entertainment forever. Unfortunately as history has proved to us over and over again, people in suits seldom recognize Genius, especially when it comes in the form of a mountain dew guzzling, nicotine addicted, “slightly” eccentric Turkish American.  Thus it had come to pass that the Genius and I, although in a mansion were a little short on cash and so on Tuesday morning we collected our quarters and built a monument to our success.

Back in LA, the Genius’s lover, a ventriloquist and also a “Geni” had no food and no pile of quarters which is why I am telling you this story about Don…

To be Cont… 


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