Don – Part 5

22 Aug

So you find yourself wallowing in a financial crisis, you are sinking fast and up to your neck in quicksand. There are people watching you; you thought they were your friends, but nobody lifts a finger or opens their wallet. They come up with some reasonable excuses… they just can’t help.

I couldn’t help my friend, the female “Geni” in LA because I was pretty much broke and stuck in a mansion in Vegas; but I knew she was in quicksand and didn’t have anything to eat so I took the plunge and contacted my friend Don. I was thinking that perhaps he could order her a pizza and maybe i could pay him back when I finally did a film deal.

But Don doesn’t do things by halves, he hopped in his crappy car and drove an hour across town, he walked in the door and gave my friend a stranger to him $100. That’s why I salute Don, because he doesn’t just talk about helping people, he doesn’t even just help his friends… Don is an inspiration to me because he will help anyone…


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