Don – Part 6

23 Aug

Here is the real kicker and final part of the story in this series of blogs about my friend Don. Sometimes when you help a stranger in need you may unwittingly be helping a king. The person you help may look homeless, they may appear destitute but there maybe a great and divine reason for their current predicament.

Perhaps all people are kings and perhaps when we help someone less fortunate than ourselves this is the attitude we should carry… such an attitude would certainly help us in part to restore our humanity.

Anyway in Don’s case he really did help a couple of people who I believe will be part of our modern day royalty… business and technology leaders.

The Genius in Vegas is a good king and he was so amazed at the incredible kindness and generosity that Don showed him that he has promised to give him a stake in his future kingdom and turn his hundred into millions.


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