Be Misunderstood

27 Aug

To strive for normality is to strive to be ordinary; during my life I often made the mistake of trying to be understood and trying to be liked by everybody. The trouble with this that you end up living a life bounded by fear (rejection) and you never take the risk to really be your crazy self.

It is the crazy distinctly unordinary people who really impact us and force change upon the world one person at a time. I guess in the last three months in Hollywood I have come to accept that if I want to change the status quo then most people aren’t going to understand.

And so it is that I find myself back in New Zealand right now and I am tempted to try and explain and justify the way I live to everyone I meet. But why would you try to explain away the mysterious and define it in a way so that it is no longer mysterious?

In the world of creativity it is infinitely more interesting to be misunderstood.


One Response to “Be Misunderstood”

  1. Amy August 27, 2009 at 4:45 pm #

    You don’t have to explain your way of living to everyone Geoff – but I for one could not live like you have been living as I enjoy my comforts of home too much

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