The green green grass of home

31 Aug

So I am sitting in a low slung bungalow on the outskirts of West Auckland staring at the green, green grass of home. And for my English friends who constantly enjoyed bombarding me with sheep jokes I can see at-least five of my favourite woolly friends… Samson, Delilah, Rudy Trudy, Beth Ann and Roger… yes I know them all by name.

Actually I am using this time to catch up on some rest and recharge the motor whilst my passport renewed and I apply for an O1 Entertainment visa so I can return to LA as soon as possible. I have generally regarded rest as a waste of time which is probably why I feel pretty tired right now.

So I’m going to spend the week doing what I did at the start of the year; resting, praying and re-ordering my life so it is refocussed and a little more sustainable. I know that there are some very big challenges ahead and I want to be fully charged and ready to go when i head back to LA.

Think of it as pre-season training.


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