I can make you Rich

1 Sep

I subscribe to a lot of stuff from online entrepreneurs and I have read a lot of books on prosperity and thinking “rich” and I definitely agree that having the right mindset and attitude can work in your favour when it comes to attracting wealth… what do you think?

However I think that there are limits to any prosperity doctrine and these limits are bounded by reality. For example: Today I got an email from my “friend” Matt Furey a psycho-cybernetics guru telling me that if I want to be successful I should never admit that I am financially broke, without funds yes, financially broke NEVER!

I’m all for positive thinking but I don’t believe you can think your way out of every situation. Broke is broke and sometimes despite your beautifully positive thoughts, life throws you a curve ball you just can’t duck (Bernie Madoff). Who says being financially rich is a sure path to happiness anyway?

Maybe there is a way to create sustainable material and immaterial wealth that transcends even the power of the positive thought? Maybe this method involves brutal honesty, a lot of passion and a tiny bit of faith?


One Response to “I can make you Rich”

  1. Mary C. Gardner September 4, 2009 at 6:40 am #

    I believe FAME trumps wealth. Maybe that’s the artist in me. I want everyone to love what I create. If I achieve that, then wealth is immaterial – and once you don’t care about wealth it will most likely find you anyway.

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