The Two Battles

6 Sep

I’m not sure that everyone will agree but in my opinion there are two different types of battles that we fight in life. On one hand there is the external battle; in my case it’s an artistic battle as I fight for success as an actor and a filmmaker, but in reality it probably represents the external goal(s) that we each have in life. It could be career, learning, family, status or just about anything…

A wise sage once said “what would it profit a man to gain the whole world and yet forfeit his soul?” I think he was talking about the internal more spiritual battle.

It can be downright frustrating when it feels like we are losing the external battle, when the things that we want out of life just aren’t happening in the way that we expect. I think at these times you need to remember that an “internal” battle is also taking place and this an incredible opportunity to become rich in invaluable commodities like faith, patience, persistence etc


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