Back to acting class

10 Sep

I took a trip down memory lane and went and sat back in my old acting class. For three years I studied the Meisner Technique with a legendary New Zealand Acting coach called Mike Saccente. Mike has coached some of New Zealand’s finest actors like Karl Urban (Star Trek, Born Supremacy) and Ant Starr (Outrageous Fortune) and he is very good at helping actors find the truth in every character they play…

Meisner is a fascinating acting technique. Created by Sanford Meisner and taught for over sixty years at the neighbourhood playhouse in New York it teaches you that being “polite” is not and never will be the way of the actor. Acting is all about listening and a big part of “emotional listening” is being unafraid of wearing your heart on your sleeve and letting the world see exactly what you are feeling at the time.

So often in life to be emotional seems “weak” and we learn to wear masks… acting often seems to be about reversing this process.


One Response to “Back to acting class”

  1. Kid In The Front Row September 17, 2009 at 2:48 pm #

    The best actors I’ve come across tend to have studied Meisner. I have a couple of friends who’ve just finished at the Playhouse.

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