My seven tips for twitter

12 Sep

Everyone seems to be writing about how to best use twitter so I though I would have a go…

  1. My number 1 rule is to never tweet “updates” unless they are remarkably interesting, no one is really interested in reading that “Geoff is off to the pharmacy.”
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  3. My number 2 rule is that I try and tell “micro-stories,” the fact that “Geoff is wondering if it is kosher to flirt with the cute pharmacy girl while buying haemorroid cream?” is far more interesting.
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  5. It is also good to use questions as they engage and encourage interactions from your little on-line community of friends.
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  7. Try tweeting lots of different things, it is really interesting you learn what gets peoples attention, it’s fascinating to find out what micro-stories work and which ones don’t.
  8. .

  9. Where possible tweet back after all Twitter is best when it is a conversation.
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  11. Use an application like Tweetdeck it makes it so much easier.
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  13. Don’t spend all your time in on-line communities, live a real life with real people otherwise you will run out of interesting things to tweet about.


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