Everybody needs a little sister

17 Sep

Been the youngest in a family of four I was not fortunate enough to be blessed with a little sister; so I did the next best thing… I adopted a couple of fine looking sheilas from West Auckland to be substitute siblings. For some strange reason we in the west have decided to live in very discreet family groups with a very distinct separation between our immediate family and friends.

Family is truly a great thing but they can in no way provide us with everything we need in life. I heard it said once that tribal communities believe it takes a whole village to raise a child. I know that I am very grateful for so many friends all over the world who pretty much fulfill the role of my “extended family.”

Currently whilst on “visa sabbatical” in West Auckland I am staying with my very good friends the “Rankins” who have once again so generously opened their home to me. One of the best, most enjoyable parts of this experience is that I get to hang out with my incredibly sweet and incredibly nice little sister.


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