Who’s right for the job?

18 Sep

In last week I heard a great piece of advice that should help anybody trying to recruit or build a team of people. There are three basic essentials and they all begin with letter c… character, competency and chemistry. Ignore anyone of these criteria and you are probably heading for trouble.

Think about it, you could hire a highly skilled person with a great personality but if they have bad character (laziness, gossip, dishonesty etc) then they are probably going to take far more than they give and really hurt the “team” as a whole.

Or conversely you could find a person with great character and great skills but they completely don’t fit the chemistry of the group it will really affect your synergy and work environment.

And finally you could recruit an honest person with a great personality who lacks the competency to fulfill their role and this will cause an endless about frustration for both you, them and everybody involved.

Of course some organizations manage to find people who are dishonest, incompetent and have nasty personalities thus managing to fail in all three categories.


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