In the middle of a story

20 Sep

I wish to take a break from the film discussion that I began yesterday because once again I have been struck by the notion that each of us are in the middle of writing our own story.

When I write a screenplay one of the first things I do is I create the characters and then I ask these characters some very hard questions. Questions like who will you trust, what will make you laugh, what are your flaws?

It’s important for me to get to know my characters as well as I possibly can because I believe that people are stories, they make decisions, or refuse to make decisions that ultimately dictates how our film story will end.

Sometimes in life it is easy to forget that everyday we too are involved in writing our own story. It is my personal belief that we too have an author who created us and is asking us the same sort of questions.

Everyday we are in the middle of a story, our story… what story we write is really up to us.


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