7 great stories about Winston Churchill

23 Sep

On several occasions he bravely stood on rooftops in London when German bombs rained down in world war two.

He lost more elections than any other Member of Parliament in Britain.

His had a very unhappy childhood, his father seldom spoke to him yet he always spoke kindly of his parents and he never blamed his childhood for anything.

A gold watch his father had given him slipped off his wrist and fell into a river when he was in the army, after attempts to dive down and find it proved unsuccessful, he hired 23 of his army mates to dig a new path for the river; he then drained the river with the hose from the local fire truck and found his watch.

He constantly battled against what he called his black dog (depression) yet he always bounced back and was renowned for his optimistic and resilient spirit.

At a time when leaders were not meant to cry he often wept openly when he walked through a bombed out London and talked to the people after the German blitz.

When staying in the White house in America he was once interrupted by a wheel chair bound President Roosevelt as he came out of the shower (bath); when Roosevelt hurriedly turned away, Churchill held out his hand and said “The Prime Minister of Great Britain has nothing to hide from the President of the United States.


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