The trapped chook

28 Sep

Strangest thing happened in my rural West Auckland retreat. Last night when it came to putting all the chooks back in the hen house one of the hens was missing… we called and called but no chook could be found; well not until this morning.

The missing hen must have been perching on top of the brazier on the back lawn; only to have it flip over and somehow(?) trap itself in an upside down cage on the back lawn.

Here’s the crazy thing, you would think that the hen would have been dying to get out of that cage, it had been trapped there all night, without her friends and without any food? But when we removed the brazier rather than run to freedom it just stood there, fixed on the spot.

The hen had become so used to it’s cage, to it’s confinement that it had no ability to see the open space in front of it. All the barriers to freedom had been removed except the ones that were inside her head


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