Amazing Grace… It’s so free it’s scandalous

9 Oct

I was recently talking with a talented and wonderful friend who has experienced some tough times in her past and has made a couple of mistakes. But she is working on some incredible things right now and her future is very bright, the only thing is some of the people around her keep harking back to her past (sigh).

I sigh because the judgmental attitudes that we impose upon other people can be so damaging; especially to us. I like this metaphor; earth is a perfect person and we are each like stars in the sky, some of us are closer to perfection than others (much closer in fact) but we are all so very far away from earth it is utterly ridiculous to compare who is closest. Some how in our imperfection, together we light up the sky.

If there is one thing we ALL need far more than judgement it is “amazing grace.” When I say “all” I include in this group the most broken, lonely and destitute of our friends… the paedophiles, the polygamists, the serial killers and of-course those who think they are perfect.”


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