Have lots of options

12 Oct

I think it’s important to have lots of options; rather than putting all your eggs in one basket. For example: by having several films in development and I am less inclined to be depressed when somebody turns one of my projects down.

It’s like having your heart set on just one girl; you want to make sure that it’s sure thing before you give anybody that power. Conversely it can be hard to focus and commit yourself to a project (or a girl) if you have other options.

I guess there is a time for casting the net wide and a time for single minded focus and the secret is simply knowing what each time is for.

Diversity protects you in a fickle market, having different film genres on your development slate allows you to move in which direction the market takes. But why just  have different film genres; how about TV shows and online interactive TV projects… it’s all storytelling.


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