7 ideas for a comedy pilot

15 Oct

Here are seven “one sentence” pitches for a comedy pilot. Vote for which one you like best and I will write it?

1. Middle Earth – in an overly sanitized future world all the crazy people are banished to an island known as middle earth.

2. Cooking the Books – Putting the sex back into accounting; the real time happenings (24 style) at the Accountancy Society AGM.

3. Critter Creek – Follow the funny lives of the eccentric people working at a small town animal sanctuary.

4. Strangers to LA – A house full of waiters who all want to be actors in Hollywood.

5. Pitch the bitch – Two writers compete to pitch the most ridiculous stories ever invented (reality style).

6. Section 8 – A politically incorrect series about a collection of idiots in a mental hospital.

7. The Last Supper – an irreverent comedy that centers around Christ’s last meal.


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