7 options in the pipeline but no guarantees

15 Oct

7 options:

“The Emancipation of Putz” a high concept screwball comedy/satire I have written is sitting on the desk of the head of Universal and has also been given to Pathe in the UK.”

“Lucky & Rich” a bohemian romance that I have in advanced development is in the hands of two film financiers in the LA”

“My proposal for “3-legged dog Idol” an online interactive TV show to cast “Scrap” the tripod star of Lucky & Rich is in the hands of two pet food companies who are considering corporate sponsorship.

“I am in the process of being commissioned to write the screenplay for a rugby film set in the South Pacific.”

“When I get my visa to go back to LA I will represent The New Zealand Film Connection in America, a company that specializes in organizing New Zealand film shoots for foreign companies.”

“I am partnering up with an American filmmaker to produce a top secret documentary on the streets of Eastern Europe.”

“I have created a new filmmaking model, that uses social media, tribal marketing strategies and the internet that has the potential to change the way we make films, I have been in talks with other filmmakers who are interested in having me consult on their films.”

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