I don’t fit in the system

16 Oct

I just talked with a lawyer in regards to my visa to go back to America; he told me that he wasn’t sure that I wouldn’t be successful because I was difficult to classify. I act, I write, I direct, I produce films and I have an innovative filmmaking model (unproven) that uses the internet to make and market films.

A SYSTEM is used to decide who should get a visa and who shouldn’t. Unless an entrepreneurial person is already hugely successful (their wealth gives them a system bypass) they will never fit a system; well that’s how I feel anyway. I don’t ever want to fit a system.

So once more I have no idea exactly where I will be and what I will be doing in 3 weeks time; it has been like this since the 19th of March, so I guess I should be getting used to it.

Nobody actually knows their three week future anyway, we are just happy and secure in the illusion that we think we have some idea.


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