Bartolo Ansaldi

19 Oct

I just talked with Bartolo Ansaldi, an Italian filmmaking friend who had almost put together a deal to make his film… only to have it all fall apart. These stories of-course go straight to my heart…

People like Bartolo need to be celebrated, for they attempt to do what most people are afraid to do. We love to celebrate with these people when they succeed; we slap them on the back and congratulate them for their perseverance, bravery and dedication. But in those dark times, those sleepless nights where they are haunted by a myriad of unanswerable questions, they need our support and celebration so much more.

Bravery and loyalty don’t often sit at the banquet table of success, instead they lie vanquished in the dungeon of dark times where the hero(s) were fighting against incredible odds. Bartolo Ansaldi, I salute you my incredibly brave Italian friend; keep learning, keep growing, keep fighting and I am 100% certain that eventually you will succeed.


One Response to “Bartolo Ansaldi”

  1. Bartolo October 28, 2009 at 4:31 am #

    Thanks Geoff, I appreciate that, and you’re right: the hero is often left alone in his fighting, we crazy people full of passion have to support each other.
    Plus, you know, after months of frustration, you just need one e-mail that changes your life.

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