November. December. January. February.

20 Oct

I am probably the only person from the Southern Hemisphere who is stupid enough to consider a trip to wintery London in January, but that is the direction this winding road appears to be taking me.

In November, I shall head back to Los Angeles to continue the development of our innovative filmmaking model for Lucky & Rich. There I will have further meetings with en2go Inc, my technology partner and enter into further discussions with Pet Food Corporates surrounding the sponsorship of our highly innovative online casting show called “3-legged dog Idol.” There are also some other fantastic opportunities lining up… but I have to keep it all “hush hush” right now.

I have also just been commissioned to write a film which I would describe as “The Cool Runnings of Rugby.” This is a very exciting project (I played rugby for 13 years until I snapped my ankle) and I can write it as I travel, so this should help my long standing cash flow issues.

So all in all the sky is looking very blue and I am filled with hope and excited by all possibilities in front of me; apart from England in January… the sky is not so blue there.


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