Look in the window… I’m a Stripper!

24 Oct

The cardinal sin for an actor playing a character is to be trapped inside your own head. What that really means is that when you are thinking about how you look, how you sound or what you are going to do… you are pretty much screwed.

To illustrate this point imagine you are standing outside my house and you are looking in the window as I just happen to be getting out of the shower. Imagine that I am unaware that you are watching…imagine that I think I am alone and so I begin to dance like I am a stripper. It maybe a train wreck but I guarantee that you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off me.

But what if I knew you were watching and I performed it in such a way as to impress you… I am pretty sure that it would be too much for you and that you would have to look away.

If you want to be fully alive you must dance like no one is watching.


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