Your dreams can come true…

1 Nov

The internet is changing the art world forever; it scares a lot of people but I believe it is 100% good news for artists with integrity. It’s easy to get blinded by technology but what is truly happening, is happening on a very human level and it is 100% about RELATIONSHIP.

If you look at music… to get your music into the hands of your audience, the artist used to have to climb a very tall ladder. There was massive amount of structure, and a huge amount of confinement within the music industry. If you don’t believe me, simply count the number of people an artist would have to impress before his/her music found their way into the hands of a “fan” at a music store.

The internet(Twitter, Facebook & MySpace) allows a savvy artist to talk directly to their fans; and those fans are much more likely to become Lifetime Supporters because they are getting much more pure, unrefined and natural piece of the artist.

If you like to sing… sing online to your audience, you don’t need the machine anymore to make your dreams come true.


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