America in 3 days…

6 Nov

On Tuesday I will hop on a plane in Auckland at 3pm and fly to Los Angeles. I will arrive in LA at 6:30am on Tuesday morning… after crossing the international date line I will arrive almost 9 hours before I leave…

Some of you who have been reading this blog and following my journey will shake your head and disbelief… how could I possibly go back? How could I keep going on this film-making journey that has so far been so spectacularly unsuccessful?

One of my friends has a saying… ” going onwards is the safest thing that you can ever do.” If you are climbing a mountain for the first time, it can be very difficult to know how far away you are from the summit.

I feel very close to the top of my mountain, but who ever really knows what’s over the next ridge?


Never look back

P:S: If you are on twitter you can follow my journey by clicking on Geoff’s Twitter


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