So much can change in a day…

8 Nov

So I decided to write the first 4 sentence of this blog in the morning and the final 3 at night. Right now I feel very nervous and I don’t really know why. It maybe that I am leaving on Tuesday and my future is again uncertain. Uncertain is kind of the definition of “future” anyway so I’m not sure why this is bothering me. I’m also struggling with the weight of what I am trying to achieve in regards to films & the internet… right now I feel like a fool… but a lot can change in a day.

* * *
Unlike this morning I feel far more relaxed and at peace this evening. I think whenever we are taking risks it is important to realize that the pain (anxiety) comes and goes in waves, and this pain should never be allowed to influence our decision making.

Life is good and we grow when we are uncomfortable


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