The human heart is deceitful beyond all else

12 Nov

“The human heart is deceitful beyond all else – especially in Hollywood”. This is an ancient quote from the Bible (Jeremiah 17:9) that I have messed with just a little… so exactly what am I saying?

I think it means that we really struggle to be honest and specific; that we very rarely understand or reveal what has motivated us to make our decisions… to say the things we say or to the things we do. Another word for deceit is to conceal or to cover up. Perhaps we make a decision because we are simply afraid but we “cover” ourselves (or deceive ourselves) by creating a logical argument that supports our fear based decision.

An extreme example of this in Hollywood would be a travelling filmmaker who convinces himself that the pretty actress really likes him when he knows in his heart that she is simply interested in advancing her career (because she is afraid).

As artists if we want to tell stories with deep human resonance then we must delve underneath the layers of reasoning (lies) and connect to the simple requirements of the human heart.

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