Reading Joe Estahaus

15 Nov

A friend lent me the memoirs of Basic Instinct writer Joe Estahaus, they are aptly titled “Hollywood Animal.” I found it fascinating and at the same time extremely disturbing to read about the darker side of Hollywood. It’s pretty much all about money, sex and power… those three chestnuts that continue to come back and haunt the human race. If I’m honest the Hollywood he describes is not something I ever care to be apart of…

The Hollywood he describes is a Hollywood that has forgotten that holiness can easily be found in the mundane and ordinary every day life… things like friendship, intimacy and loyalty are not easily found in Joe’s Hollywood. Funnily enough these character traits are often highlighted in truly great human stories… even those that originate in Hollywood.

Everyone is searching for something, if you are hungry you search for food, if you are thirsty you look for a drink, if you are lonely you look for a friend; the stars are brightest when even the moon is hiding from the night.


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