Do not pirate my movie…

17 Nov

I know several writers who are terrified of showing people their work because somebody might steal it. In the film business the stories of “script stealing” are legendary… (The Full Monty, Hangover and The Truman Show to name a few). But film is a collaborative business if you want your story to get made at some point you are going to have to show it to someone, at some point you are going to have to show it to a lot of people.

You may well ask where is the integrity in the film industry… when a studio displays a do not pirate our movie commercial in front of a film that was originally stolen from a starving writer?

If you are an Executive stealing someone elses creativity you might as well give up now and go get a job working tables on Hollywood and Sunset at least that way you may end up rediscovering not only your own humanity but also your own creativity. Remember the dream that you had when you were twelve… “you wanted to make movies, you didn’t want to steal them.”

Success that is not earned from honest toil is more expensive than people realize, there is a numbing of the soul and a life lived with a dream that was never “truly’ fulfilled.


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