Your weakness is your strength…

19 Nov

I am reading a very old book at the moment… it’s a spiritual book written by an old monk in Germany in the late 14th Century. This simple book talks about how our weakness’ can keep us humble, and how our failures can remind us that we are no better than any other person.

Because I am in Hollywood the “contradiction” between this humble old monk and many of the people I meet in Hollywood is somewhat obvious. In this town it is apparently good to talk up your game and pretend that you can do everything exceptionally well.

Since I am reading this humble old man’s word 500 years after he died, I think a fair question to ask is which films from Hollywood will people be watching in the year 2510? What great artistic work are we creating that will endure and last throughout the ages?

Of-course this old man wasn’t trying to write a “great book”, he was simply trying to uncover deep human truth and share it with his friends.


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