Support your favorite 3-legged dog…

22 Nov

We are getting ready to go back to the Pet Corporates and seek sponsorship for our “Make a 3-legged dog into a movie star campaign.” You can help me in a really simple way…

Each of these incredibly talented 12 finalists now have their own face-book fan pages. By becoming a FAN of your favourite tripod you will help be helping us and your tripod more than you can imagine.

More fans means more leverage with Pet Food companies… No pressure but if you want too you can also encourage your friends and fellow dog lovers to support their favorite tripod on facebook too. Click on the links below…

Aussie Red – Australia
Bean Collins – Canada
Bradley Montana – USA
Chopper Keys – USA
Jinks Gardner – USA
Maty Kerstetter-Ouchida – USA
Mickey Bassant – New Zealand
Rocky Nuzzolilo – USA
Smudge Woods – USA
Tom Ford – USA
Torpedo Contreras – West Indies
Wit’l Van Brunt – USA


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