Aslan the Lion

24 Nov

Yes it’s true; after sleeping in some 35 different locations since March 19th I have finally ended up living in some very flash digs in Beverly Hills.

When you follow the winding road, without a map or a compass and with only your intuition and the hand of God to guide you it’s amazing where your journey may take you. C.S. Lewis describing Aslan the lion once said… “Safe? Who said anything about safe? He isn’t safe but he’s good.”

To often we can look for safety rather than goodness. When we lock ourselves up inside out houses and our gated communities, are we locked in or is the world locked out?

One thing I have noticed on my travels is that as people we often repel (or avoid) what we really desire. It is the unfriendly who long for friends, the deviants who crave intimacy and the safety seekers who truly desire adventure.

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