Help as many people as you can…

30 Nov

Help as many people as you can… this is my current networking strategy. Of course this is not a sustainable practice if the only reason you are helping is in the hope that you will “get” some help back.

It’s all about cultivating an attitude of servant-hood. Getting your value out of giving rather than getting. Switching your attitude from what I you can do for me, to what I can do for you?

That’s why I want to read as many of my fellow writers scripts as possible and help them in anyway that I can. My grandmother believed that it is better to give than receive, it’s surprising how some things never change.


One Response to “Help as many people as you can…”

  1. cherrypuppy December 2, 2009 at 9:47 pm #

    Though, giving too much to the wrong people leaves you with nothing.

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