7 questions…

26 Dec

Why would someone choose to live on the street; is it not a gross over simplification of the truth to describe living on the street as a simple choice?

Do you know that in Los Angeles there are whole families with very young children who do not have a roof over their heads?

If the homeless person was your brother, sister, father or mother would you help them… or would you just let them hit rock bottom?

Would you give money to a homeless person; or would you buy them a sandwich instead?

Why do we not want to engage with poverty?

Why do we not wish to be bothered by a homeless person when we are going about our normal day?

Maybe we push it away, maybe we call it bad choices because in our hearts we wish that it didn’t exist? And is this wishing a bad thing?


4 Responses to “7 questions…”

  1. Lisa Mason December 27, 2009 at 2:23 pm #

    Great points for people from all walks of life to consider. I was homeless for awhile when my two oldest children were very young (about 4 and 6). Then we lived in a hotel in San Diego for months until saving up enough for a small apartment. There was another family who lived there and the mother worked cleaning the hotel to earn them a free stay. She was a bit stuck herself because she couldn’t get a “real job” or she would be kicked from the hotel but she couldn’t work a normal job while living on the streets with her children. It’s hard to get out of a hole like that.

    I was working while we lived in the hotel but the hardest part was paying for the hotel weekly to keep us off the streets while also saving enough to get a deposit and 1st months’ down on an apartment.

    I think a lot of people who have never been in the situation don’t understand how difficult the climb back up can actually be. Poverty is an even bigger problem in the US than most people are willing to acknowledge or deal with. It should definitely make us uncomfortable- so much so that we feel compelled to do something about it.

  2. Ollie December 27, 2009 at 1:18 pm #

    i don’t believe its a simple choice at all to live on the streets….but i guess for some it’s not even necessarily a choice at all..
    I’ve seen whole families living under cardboard boxes in Africa on the streets….and not just a few…lots of them..with babies…and 4 generations….many people in the world don’t know what exists outside of their comfortable bubble…and aren’t interested in finding out.
    I would most definately help them….in any way they would let me…
    I would buy them a sandwich…have done…still would.
    I have no idea why people have a problem engaging with poverty….some people would rather put blinkers on with anything to the norm of societies expectations in their world….
    People dont’ want to be bothered cause they are about their day doing what they are doing and this person isn’t their responsibility….so they’d rather just keep doing what their intention was….
    Yes i think it’s a bad thing….most children would want to help…or at least take notice….a lot (can I say most) adults….will just walk past and hope it didn’t really exist…

    anyway just my thoughts…often different from others 🙂

  3. Rachel December 26, 2009 at 11:46 pm #

    I guess for many people they had no choice. But for those who did I am sure it was a choice that was hard for them to make and perhaps they were consumed by addiction etc. I don’t think I would ever have a family member or friend that is homeless because I don’t believe I would ever let someone I love get that far but I guess who really knows unless you are in that situation. I would pray for the homeless as well as give them a meal but then again I have never been out of New Zealand and have seen very few homeless.


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