Three weeks to get a deal…

27 Dec

I have 3 weeks left in LA and I am currently working like crazy to package Lucky & Rich so I can approach people to both finance and get involved in something that I don’t think has been done before…

It’s not just a feature film, it will cross into other mediums and involve the audience on a number of different levels. Investing in film is usually a high risk venture for the investor. On average two films in ten make money, so investors normally spread their money over ten films.

The filmmaking model I have been working on, rearranges the filmmaking process and so greatly reduces the risk for an investor looking to make a decent return. It opens up a large number of different revenue streams.

The investor will not only be investing in a potentially great film, they will also be investing in innovative film process that explores important issues in today’s world.

End of sales pitch… Say a prayer for me.


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