I’ve gone brunette

29 Dec

You cannot believe everything you read on the back of a packet. I can confirm that this statement also applies to the color charts on the back of hair dye boxes.

I have a photo shoot tomorrow. I am being shot in “character” as Rich; our homeless New Zealand friend and lead character in our film “Lucky & Rich.” I am all for changing your appearance to suit the character and in my mind Rich had brown hair and best of all a very thick brown beard.

Unfortunately when it comes to hair dye packets… dark brown is the new black and now I look more like a pirate than a homeless guy. It’s going to make things interesting when I travel to the UK in less than a month… now I really don’t match my passport photo.


One Response to “I’ve gone brunette”

  1. Bartolo Ansaldi January 3, 2010 at 4:50 am #

    No, you do look like a homeles…!

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