Don’t judge me…

30 Dec

I have often heard actors say that they won’t take a role unless they think that they personally can learn something from the character they are going to play.

I have been working on “Rich” from Lucky & Rich quite a bit lately and I’ve got to say there is one thing I really need to learn from Rich… “He really doesn’t care what other people think… about their judgement or otherwise of him as a person.” I often feel like a prisoner to my own inhibitions.

When you think about it we can probably learn from just everyone that we meet, and if we take that approach, we live outside of ourselves and find other people and life itself fascinating. Even if we don’t want to be like another person… we’ve learnt something from them right?

Judgement of a character makes him almost impossible to play. Judgement of a person makes them almost impossible to love…


2 Responses to “Don’t judge me…”

  1. Ollie December 31, 2009 at 3:48 pm #

    I SO 100% agree with this….it’s what I try to do every day…everyone we meet in life has something to share with us…good, bad or otherwise…if we give them a minute.

    Reality is….you gotta be yourself….everyone else is taken….and once you can break free from “societies boundaries and expectations”….and stop ruling your life by what other people think……it’s an awesome life…

    I booked a trip to Holland with 6 sleeps notice last year….and people thought I was crazy…i truly hope they do something crazy one day…and live a little 🙂

    Keep up being an awesome person Geoff….and hope 2010 brings all your dreams come true.

  2. CB December 31, 2009 at 11:54 am #

    I hear you brother! You’re 100% right on here. You have to be fully comfortable with your character and throw judgement to the wind to do it justice. Still learning but learning 😉

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