Snogging the Optometrist in London

21 Jan

If you could see how hairy I am then you’d find this funny. I made an appointment to see the optometrist at Tesco’s in London. That’s right not only will supermarkets in the UK sell you petrol and groceries, they’ll also check your eyesight while you are filling up.

At any rate this very pretty little “I’ve just graduated” English girl is taking a very close look at the back of my retina’s. I mean she’s so close I can feel her hot breath as it parts the hair on my heavily bearded face. At this point it crossed my mind how hilariously inappropriate it would be for me to just grab her and try for a snog?

Of course I did not do this, but the thought of it made me giggle ALOT and this unfortunately made her quite uneasy… hoping there won’t be a problem with my prescription.


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