Martin Luther King

22 Jan

I may be a couple of days too late… but here’s a video clip of one of the greatest speeches of all time. In case you needed reminding, if you black, white, rich, poor, christian, muslim, atheist, man, woman, fat or skinny all people are equal. Enjoy…


One Response to “Martin Luther King”

  1. sonny January 22, 2010 at 5:41 pm #

    T.Y. for the vid.It is sad but old habits take long to die.We have laws that protect from discrimination but racism is still a problem.We are making progress though we elected President Obama with a majority vote and my eighty three year old Mum voted for him.We are white christian and are proud of our President.We have not been proud of our President for the previous eight years.There is still much opposition to our President Obama and much is rooted in racist feelings but I pray he will prevail in the next election. Peace-Sonny

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