Think before hitting send

27 Jan

I am in a tricky situation at the moment, trying to sort out a dispute; a small disagreement which has the potential of blowing up into something much bigger. Do you ever get an email, or hear something back that fires you up? It’s really easy dwell on the perceived injustice, to flare up and hit “send” without too much as a second thought.

Once that button is pressed there is no going back.

I my situation today I heard this internal voice whisper… “go at snails pace.” Later on a similar voice “when you think you are going slow… go slower still.” Disagreements are delicate matters, in some ways it is like trying to undo a knot; the harder you tug from your end the tighter the knot becomes.


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  1. sonny January 27, 2010 at 9:30 am #


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