Think big like Federer

31 Jan

I watched Roger Federer win the Australian Open this morning. I could watch Federer play tennis every day of the week, he is so inspirational because he’s simply so good. I heard that  he will train for four hours each morning, that in the off season he goes to Dubai and trains ridiculously hard in the heat.  It seems like he never tires of winning and he never tires of playing tennis… because he loves both things so much.

Loving being good at what you do is so important and trying to perfect your craft is vital if you want to be truly successful. Whatever you do… you can always try to discover new ways of doing it better. Enjoy exploring and live life like Federer plays tennis.


One Response to “Think big like Federer”

  1. theothergardener February 1, 2010 at 10:50 pm #

    I feel the same way every time I watch Shaun White on a snowboard. The other night he smacked his face on a wall of ice, got up and won the competition. Terrifying. Inspiring. And, just like Federer, it is genuine. No greeting-card stuff.

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