Fear, Greed & Gratitude

1 Feb

Fear and Greed are the two emotions that motivate people when it comes to money. These two states sit at opposite ends of the seesaw and people often bounce from one extreme to the other… it’s a very anxious and uncomfortable way to live.

I found myself a prisoner of both fear and greed when I tried to learn how to trade currency online a couple of years ago (a dark art if ever there was one).

I find that gratitude is one of the keys to avoid the fear and greed seesaw, not gratitude for what I will have in the future but gratitude for everything that I have right now in my possession. In the West, we are of course all incredibly wealthy but because of our capitalistic environment we cannot always appreciate or enjoy our own wealth. There are people around the world who would kill for the hot shower that you had this morning, and the very fact that you have computer on which you can read this blog means you are already in the top 2% of global wealth.

You can cultivate your own grateful attitude by writing down three things you are grateful for every morning.


One Response to “Fear, Greed & Gratitude”

  1. sonny February 1, 2010 at 6:07 am #

    Greed and fear are the causes of most eartlings problems

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