My Fascinating Saturday

7 Feb

I spent this morning hanging out with a bunch of around 20 guys in and around the Entertainment Industry in Hollywood. This then segued on to lunch with Demore Barnes, a very dear actor friend from the television series “The Unit” and an English writer called Simon Jones. After which I drove across town to Burbank and my old friends at en2go where I took part in a test screening of “Slave Girl Direct to You,” a documentary about Prostitution in Las Vegas and its inherent link to human trafficking and slavery… both fascinating and horrific.

I then headed even further into the valley to the Armoury in Glendale which is currently home to some 200 plus homeless people, who have been hammered by the heavy rain in California. Imagine a gymnasium filled to the brim with camp stretches, there I met Paul and Kathy, a homeless couple in their sixties; Kathy has terminal cancer and is living on the streets in between her surgeries. I also met a very cool guy called Richmond who creates the most incredible paintings on the streets of Los Angeles.

We live in a fascinating world…


One Response to “My Fascinating Saturday”

  1. sonny February 8, 2010 at 9:18 am #

    but sometimes sad

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