You have talent

9 Feb

I spent last night down at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood listening to a friend of mine,  Jodi King perform, check out Jodi’s music by clicking here.

The Entertainment Industry often tricks us into idolizing a “few” people who we are told have “extra special” talent. Actors, musicians, writers etc are pawns in the hands of industry giants who make a fortune (and pay these artists a fortune) by telling the rest of us apparently untalented souls that we could never sing and dance like Brittany Spears.

We are not sold hope, we are sold wistful despair. So we turn on our Ipods and for forty minutes we imagine what it would be like to “be with” or to “be like” our  “incredibly talented idol.”The fact that our “idol” shits on the same crapper and can’t do maths is never allowed to enter in to the illusion.

You have much more talent than they will have you believe and if we do this right the internet will allow us to even the score.


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