Creating from the Inside Out

17 Feb

It easy to “imagine” what your audience wants when it comes to your art, interestingly it’s just as easy to “imagine” what people want when it comes to relationship.

The trouble with working or living this way is that it is devoid of personal expression and real truth; it is also a very grand premise that assumes all people are the same AND that they are happy with the “status quo” which is the only reference point from which you can imagine.

“Listening” is always the very first step in finding out what your audience or your friend really wants or requires; never in the history of entertainment has it been easier to listen to your audience on a grand scale… blogs, forums, face-book, twitter have given a voice to the people.

It’s not necessarily a beautiful, well presented cohesive voice, in fact it’s chaotic, poorly written and full of subterfuge, but it is their voice nonetheless.

Listening to others enables you paradoxically to live and create from the inside out. Instead of pulling in (talking) and saying what can I get? i.e how can I take advantage of the market?; it reaches out to the audience by answering a simple question… “what can I give?”


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