Confession is the better part of valor

20 Feb

If one wants to be strong then one must acknowledge their weaknesses… well that’s what I believe anyway. In a relational sense it is impossible to be truly known and loved unless your friends know your weaknesses. In a professional sense it is impossible to build a company or a team unless the other members are strong in areas that you are weak.

I confess that I struggle to professionally admit, own and give away the areas in which I am weak; it has an adverse effect, it keeps me ridiculously busy and to some degree working alone. To be fair it is difficult to build a team of committed individuals when you have no financial resources, difficult but not impossible. It is tempting to try to be an “all-rounder” but if you are aiming for excellence being “adequate” is not a strength but a weakness.

And so I begin the hunt for a Producer who shares my values and is excellent in the areas where I am adequate or weak… organizational and financial areas to begin with.


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