Deep diagnosis = deep cure.

21 Feb

This blog is based around the words of a good friend in LA. We live in the world of the shallow diagnosis and the shallow cure. Think about it… for example is your blood pressure the problem or is it really just a symptom of overeating and lethargy?

The trouble with a shallow diagnosis is that it’s not completely truthful and it leads to a shallow cure (pills), a cure that numbs the pain but never deals with the broken mechanics inside of us. It’s simple and not holistic and it hides the “actual truth” and prevents holistic healing. Perhaps overeating and lethargy are themselves symptoms of anxiety and unhappiness… I know they are for me.

As artists it is important to be brutally honest when we diagnose our own unfortunate brokenness, failure to do so can give birth to a judgmental superiority complex that will alienate and reduce your power as artist to speak truth to all people. Conversely, honestly acknowledging the depth of your own disease will allow you to love and empathize with “all” of your audience and send you in the direction of a “real” cure.


One Response to “Deep diagnosis = deep cure.”

  1. sonny February 22, 2010 at 8:26 pm #

    This is so true

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