Say hello to the homeless…

24 Feb

There are 90 000 homeless people on the streets of LA; that’s enough to fill the biggest sports stadiums in the world. In the past I have often thought that they ended up on the street through bad choices etc. Maybe so… but I’ve done some pretty silly things in my life too. A comment that I often hear from people about this issue is… “most of them have a mental illness.”

Again this maybe true but if you put me on the streets in a dangerous big city, without food or money I’d probably develop a mental illness too.

Talking about the homeless often makes people feel uncomfortable but that’s okay because that discomfort is really just a symptom of wishing that this problem didn’t exist and what could be wrong with that?

I sometimes imagine that this problem could be drastically reduced if every person SIMPLY said hello to every homeless comrade they passed on their way to work.


One Response to “Say hello to the homeless…”

  1. sonny February 24, 2010 at 7:53 pm #

    Kindness and empathy would solve many of our problems in the U.S.A. The health insurance is a problem that greed is standing in the way of a resolution. Greed and mean spirited people are the rub.

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