There is no such thing as a coincidence…

1 Mar

There is no such thing as a coincidence and life is not a random stream of chance interactions and events. For me this is both a blessing and a curse.

If life is “random” then there are people who cross my path for no specific or ordained purpose. I am therefore free to ignore that homeless friend and I am free to follow my dreams refusing to be distracted from the path on which I walk.

But if life is ordained and ordered by some higher power then I am forced to consider that the people I meet are important and these interruptions have been “arranged.” The absence of “co-incidence” can weigh heavily on our shoulders because for some, an “ordained purpose” confers with it an overt sense of responsibility.

But perhaps what we actually owe the people who interrupt our day is still entirely up to us; the absence of coincidence does not infer a “life time commitment” to every person who crosses our path… maybe all it requires is a smile.


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