Learning from helping…

3 Mar

People learn in a number of ways; I’ve heard it said…

Surround yourself with truly great people and you will become great by osmosis… and maybe this is true.

Unfortunately this is how people want to learn in Hollywood, everyone wants to be a writers group with better writers and it’s vital to have friends who are further down the road than you.

But you could learn a massive amount about acting (and life) from teaching a group of handicapped children to act. Sometimes by helping others your talents increase exponentially.

I heard this great saying once, which I think applies… “one hand forward, one hand back.” Meaning help people behind you and receive help from people ahead of you.


One Response to “Learning from helping…”

  1. Dorian Wacquez March 3, 2010 at 11:01 pm #

    “one hand forward, one hand back” very nice. More than most things, helping others in need vs. helping ourselves is a very difficult decision to make. The best is when you realize that something you do satisfies both needs. Sometimes helping others is exactly what we need. On the other hand, sometimes helping ourselves is what other people need.

    Yeah, think about it.


    Dorian Wacquez

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