Ready. Steady. Go…

6 Mar

I used to run track… 1500 meters was my specialty and my strategy was simple; I didn’t have straight line speed, all I had was endurance. So I would take off from the gun and run as fast as I could for as long as could… Sometimes I’d win, sometimes I’d get overtaken as I entered the home straight. I used to get so nervous before the gun went off.

I’m in Hollywood at the moment and I’m getting ready to pitch a couple of films to investors… am I ready? The last two months I have worked and reworked my screenplays and have developed what I believe to be a very innovative and cutting edge model for making films… am I steady?

This week I begin to make phone calls and arrange meetings with people who have the ability to invest in my projects… GO!

Cheer for me, pray for me or wish me luck as I am running.


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